Hyundai HYMD500B 48V 500Kg Battery Powered Mini Dumper 32Ah with Hydraulic Tilt


The HYMD500B is a heavy duty battery powered mini dumper from Hyundai, ideal for use on construction sites, building sites, farms or simply for transporting gravel, sand and aggregates in large gardens. Designed to pass through a standard-width doorway and with rear castor wheels the HYMD500B combines the versatility and maneuverability to tackle both indoor and outdoor projects with ease. With long-run battery power, it makes the removal of material both faster and safer, with no petrol engine fumes in confined spaces to worry about. The improved efficiency alone will have you wondering why you left it so long to make the switch!

Equipped with a durable hydraulic tilt bucket for easy unloading, the Hyundai HYMD500B is capable of handling large payloads of up to 500kg. Once loaded, thanks to its large air-filled pneumatic tyres being driven by a 48V, 32Ah, battery powered brushless motor, the mini dumper delivers dependable traction to effortlessly power through rugged terrain.

Powerful 48V, 32Ah Battery

Powered by a 48V, 32Ah battery, driving a 1000W Brushless DC motor, this battery powered transporter is capable of carrying the heaviest and most awkward of materials for up to 10 hours*, even on an incline of up to 15 degrees. The brushless motor offers greater efficiency and power compared to a brushed type motor, which ensures your battery lifespan is long enough to get the job done.

Robust Design & Construction

Thanks to the HYMD500B’s robust solid-steel, brushless motor and large tyre design, transporting heavy and awkward materials has never been more straightforward!

The three speed forward and single speed reverse selectors allow you to adjust the machine’s speed according to your working/loading requirements, as well as your walking pace.

The HYMD500B’s 360° rotating rear wheels allow for small and easy turns to be made with the mini dumper – ideal when trying to transport into back gardens or through narrow spaces.

Hydraulic Powered Bucket Tilt

Unloading heavy contents needn’t be a chore! Thanks to the HYMD500B’s built-in Hydraulic Power Unit you can fill, transport and tip hefty loads in no time at all.

Simply push the mini dumper into place, apply the handbrake, fill the power barrow and transport your load, before effortlessly unloading the contents by tilting the bucket up and back down at the touch of a button.

Cutting Edge Electromagnetic Braking Technology

Armoured with an intelligent electromagnetic braking system, the power barrow will safely bring itself to a standstill. Simply release the throttle and the machine’s electromagnetic brakes will stop its motion.

Quiet operation with 8-10 Working Hours Charge

With a fully charged working range of 8-10 hours, enjoy the quiet, emission-free and cost effective benefits of working with a battery powered dumper. Say goodbye to the physical effort of pushing a heavy wheelbarrow!

Built-in Control Panel

The HYMD500B’s built-in control panel will also ensure that you’re always up to speed with heavy duty power barrow’s energy levels, so you’ll never be caught out by running out of charge!

  • Hyundai Electric Powered Mini Dumper: Saves you time and effort, in comparison to making many trips with a wheelbarrow.
  • Easily handles loads of up to 500kg (236L): Perfect for construction, agricultural, landscaping and garden use
  • Indoor and outdoor manoeuvrability: Passes through a standard doorway, no petrol fumes, rapid-turn rear castors
  • Hydraulic Powered Bucket Tilt: A spacious bucket can be tilted up and down at the touch of a button, making emptying into the skip easy!
  • Bucket dimensions (H x W x L): 1130 x 760 x 1720
  • Powered by a 1000W Brushless DC Motor: The HYMD500B will make light work of carrying heavy and awkward materials with 48V of power output at its disposal
  • 8-10 Working Hours Time: With a charge-time of 6-7 hours, the HYMD500B will be equipped to deliver between 8-10 hours of working time range
  • 3 Forward and 1 Reverse Speed Operation: Easy to manoeuvre when turning, or even when working on slopes
  • Quiet and Emission-free operation: Powered by a 48V motor, the HYMD500B offers a quiet,emission-free operation that’s environmentally friendly and cost effective


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Motor 1000W Brushless DC
Voltage (V) 48
Battery Capacity (Ah) 32
Brake System Electromagnetic
Light Specification (W) 1 x 30W LED
Working Time (Fully Charged) (Hours) 8-10
Charging Times (Hours) 6-7
Forward Speeds (mph) Speed 1 = 3.3 Speed 2 = 4.2 Speed 3 = 5.0
Maximum Load (kg) 500
Tipping Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU)
Fully Assembled Dimensions (mm) (H x W x L) 1130 x 760 x 1720
Bucket Dimensions (mm) (L x W x D) 1090 x 690 x 540
Bucket Volume (L) 236
Front Wheels 16×6.5-8 Tubeless Tire 325mm diameter
Rear Wheels 13×5.00-6 Tubeless Tire 400mm diameter
Gross Weight (kg) 242
Net Weight (kg) 212
Warranty 3 Years
Commercial Warranty 1 Year