Henchman 135L Heavy-Duty wheelbarrow


Our small but strong garden wheelbarrow makes gardening and DIY jobs easier. Its compact size provides great manoeuvrability around different terrains and uneven ground, making it the perfect wheelbarrow for narrow spaces. And, with a capacity of 135 litres, you can still move plenty of waste quickly and easily, from garden clippings to logs and compost. It may be small in size but it’s certainly strong enough to take heavier loads.

Extra balance with our twin wheel wheelbarrow
We’ve designed our two wheel wheelbarrow with balance in mind, meaning that you can carry loads with more control. You can transport what you need to with ease with our small two wheel wheelbarrow – no more accidental tipping! This extra stability also makes our wheelbarrow ideal for carrying heavier loads to push and tip.

A slim wheelbarrow for small spaces
Not everyone needs a large wheelbarrow. Our 135L barrow is a small, heavy-duty narrow wheelbarrow that can move through even the most awkward areas, while being strong and durable. Our small wheelbarrow is an excellent all-rounder for common garden and DIY jobs and can easily shift waste and tools while navigating a wide range of terrains.

A galvanised steel wheelbarrow for all seasons
As a small wheelbarrow for gardening, our barrow is manufactured with a galvanised steel and a polyethylene plastic tub. This is a heavy-duty plastic that’s easy to lift, manoeuvre and is non-corrodible – just what you need when working in British weather.


  • NEW AND IMPROVED DESIGN to make Trailer conversion even easier when purchased with the optional Tow Bar, simply hook the Tow Bar on, fasten the spring bolt and go!*
  • Makes transporting big loads effortless
  • Moves up to four times the load of a normal barrow
  • Designed to relieve strain on arms and back
  • Designed to push, pull and tip with control and ease
  • Makes moving logs, clippings, compost or manure easy and fast
  • Made from durable, non-corrodible, heavy duty plastic moulding
  • Can convert to a Barrow Trailer in under a minute with the optional Tow Bar


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Capacity 135 litre
Dimensions(LxWxh) 137 x 59 x 61cm
Material Galvanised steel frame with polyethylene plastic tub