Stihl RMA 765 V Cordless Lawn Mower


Quietness is where it starts for such a commercial machinery to give your neighbours a peaceful time whilst your cutting the grass for hours on end. Believe me I have seen this in action and I was amazed by it’s performance and what it can offer. A ECO System built in to save energy efficiency. Electronic Magnetic System to drive the mower and engage the blades which means no cable required to get twisted or broken. Rotating or Fixed Front Wheels to allow you zero turn to get around trees, flower beds etc or fix the wheels to cope with steep banks or slopes. A Twin Bladed 25″Cutting System that creates a strong flow towards the rear for a maximum full grass box (Mulching Optional). A Mono Comfort designed handle to create a simply easy access to empty the grass box, as well as the handle folds for storage. A 6 Hour running time of one charge with No Emission, Very Low in Vibration and a Whisper of Noise to go with it.



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  • Mono-comfort handlebar
  • Flexibility in term of batteries use – AP or AR
  • Long working life time durability
  • Robustness – Aluminium and polymer hybrid housing
  • Polymer front wheels swivelling or fixed
  • Double Ball Bearing Polymer Rubber Tyres
  • Height adjustment per wheel
  • Electric vario Gearbox
  • Twin synchronous multi-blades
  • Cutting width 25″ / 63cm
  • Textile grass catcher box
  • Plug for service cable Safety device
  • Innovative control panel
  • Five Speed
  • Electronic Magnetic connection
  • Electric EC Motor
  • Motor Performance 1470W
  • Voltage 36V
  • Rotational speed: 3.300 rpm
  • Weight 42kg (body only)
  • ECO System
  • Warranty for professional use only 12 months
  • RUNNING TRIGGER TIME AP300 in 330 m2 ( Size of a Tennis court & 1/4)
  • RUNNING TRIGGER TIME AP300S in 400m2 ( Tennis Court & 1/2)
  • RUNNING TRIGGER TIME AR 2000L in 2050 m2 ( 8 x Tennis Courts)
  • RUNNING TRIGGER TIME AR 3000L in 3100 m2 (12 x Tennis Courts)